Guitars by Laurie Burn

All of Laurie's acoustic guitars are based on the standard body shape designed by Torres in 1880, which is used on most modern classical guitars. However, the internal bracing follows the Martin cross-bracing pattern for steel strings. They are designed to fit in a standard classical guitar case, as they are smaller than many acoustic guitars.

Laurie Guitars are usually bright sounding, are light in weight and very responsive to finger-style playing. The most recent walnut guitars though have a warm tone with surprisingly deep bass response for small body size.

Apart from guitars, Laurie has also made mandolins and a mandola which have a great sound projection and sustain.

If you're interested in a commission for any instrument, get in touch via the Contact Page to discuss your needs.

At the moment, I have one guitar for sale, which is a 12-fret acoustic with slotted head, made from English Yew from Westonburt Arboretum. Photos to follow.

This is a collection of some of the guitars and other instruments made by Laurie over the past 35 years.

2013  Walnut-backed model no.13

2013 Acoustic in walnut

2012  Cherry-backed model no.12
The photos below are of Laurie's English Cherry-backed acoustic, which has a very bright and lively tone.

2020 Custom 10-string Mandolin no.20
The latest creation by Laurie Guitars is a custom-made 10-string Mandolin in Lacewood (London Plane). 

Laurie in his workshop, examining the back of guitar no.13 made in 2013 using Black Walnut from a tree planted by Queen Victoria in Kew Gardens.